pei yang

Pei Yang


The story of Pei is remarkable. She was born in northern China and grew up working in the fields of her farming village. She excelled in school, so she trained to be a technician for the telecommunication industry and worked for a state power company. She soon realized that this was not what she wanted to do, and longed to be working outdoors again.

When her husband got the opportunity to be transferred to Canada she jumped at the chance for a broader range of choices for herself and her daughter. She enrolled in the Horticultural Apprenticeship Program for Women at Humber College and excelled. She wanted to work with perennials in a small company, and pursued Kiva Gardens for two years for a job. When an opening finally came up she jumped into the job and we immediately knew that she was a perfect fit for the position. Pei is an incredibly hard worker, and has excellent academic and practical knowledge of plants. She also has a refined artistic sense and shows great promise as a garden designer. Her fascination with plants continues to inspire us, especially during the long humid summer days when work is challenging. We are glad she found us!